Booking Frequently Asked Questions

 Where should our session take place?

I have found that the best photos occur in places that can be themselves. This may be a local park or their back yard so I recommend on location sessions. Smaller groups (four and under) can be photographed in my in home studio.

 What time should we book an outdoor photo shoot?

Generally, the best time of day to schedule a photography session, is when I can catch that lovely golden glow the early morning or late afternoon sun gives. Of course time frame will depend on the season.

 How long do sessions last?

Photo sessions run approximately 2 hours for up to six people, a bit longer for larger groups.

 How do we plan our portraits?

If you have a specific photo in mind, please let me know, but also come prepared to trust in what I see through my camera lens.

 What about payment?

Payment is due at the time of the photo session. I accept cash and personal cheques.
Contact us for a free photography quote or call us at 403-477-5467

 How long do orders take?

Turn around time is approximately two to three weeks.

 How do we select what photos we want?

My clients will receive access to a secure online viewing gallery. To view the highlights from your day, enter the username and password you receive on the "Your Photos" page, and select the photos you desire by adding them to a virtual shopping cart and checking out when done.

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